Complete geekery.

The IT department of Russian Interference uses two pieces of software that greatly enhances the organisation’s cyber anonymity. HideMe, a virtual private network tool and PiHole a very effective advertisement blocker. Sadly the two do not play together very happily.


Flute -virus filter

Flute players have an undeserved reputation for spreading the Covid 19 virus due to the direction and volume of the airflow required to play their instruments. Half the air may go into the instrument to make tuneful music, but the rest is reputed to shoot out at high speed over the top of the lip plate and hit the viola section on the backs of their heads. **Studies have shown this not to be the case.


The Missionary Satellite Project

This project has been designed to enable friends of all religions to spread their beliefs beyond our planet. The target audience is the intelligent life on planets in other solar systems in our galaxy and beyond. This article describes a small autonomous and self-powered satellite (53 x 30 x 30mm) which is capable of continuously transmitting the content of the bible (or any other religious text) in morse code using a light emitting diode (LED) and an optional 433MHz radio transmitter… read more –